Metamorph I - IV 2009
C-Prints and Fine Art Prints, 20 x 30 cm

These photographic portraits were created through an intervention in four pictorial motifs taken from museums of European painting. The background is formed by paintings from the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe and the Landesmusem Mainz,among them a grisaille by Matthias Grünewald and a tempera by the Master of the St. Bartholomew Altar.   

Faded flowers that I regard as non-transitory entities become part of the historic painting: a metamorphosis. The altered illustrations of the paintings of these old masters appear in a new context in the Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie Dessau. In the small room behind the hall with the portraits of the noble families, one finds a niche with family mementos and portrait reliefs. The four photographic “portraits” are presented on the empty wall of this room, opposite a wall mirror, and so become part of the tradition of the ancestral portrait gallery.