Open Air / Im Freien

1    Invisible Guests / Unsichtbare Gäste 1999
Gravels, In the exhibition “La Belle Jardinière” 
Schloss Wiepersdorf

2    Bird’s Nest / Vogelnest 1992
Acrylic on wood pieces, Berlin

3    Vegetation 1991
Plastic ivy leaves, Berlin
The long narrow path in the back part of a garden is covered with ivy leaves made of plastic.
Walking along the path is optional.

4    Long Bench / Lange Bank 1991
Wood, L: 1200 cm, H: 51 cm, W: 34 cm, Berlin

5    Loss of memory / Gedächtnisschwund 1989
A garden hose, length ca. 35 m, with each end attached to a water faucet, Berlin